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Conwise Construction Provide the best House Extensions North London & Suburbs From Kitchen Extensions, Loft Extension to Rear Extension


Conwise Construction sets industry standards when it comes to house extensions in London. Our years of experience covers a wide range of projects, kitchen extensions to loft extension work, and rear extensions too, all delivered to the high class finish our customers have come to expect from us.

Whether it’s a stylish loft extension to add room and value to your property, or a rear extension in your London home that transforms your living space, our extension builders in London will work with you to get the results you deserve.

Building an extension on a house in London may seem daunting, but our experienced and dedicated extension builders take the stress out of the project, and use their skills to deliver stunning results.

Whatever style of loft extension you may want, or however large a scale your house extension project, we work to deliver full satisfaction, from design to completion.

Boasting a wide range of house extensions across London, and a range of work that boasts loft extensions, rear extensions, and home extensions in some of the most desirable neighbourhoods in London, Conwise Construction is a company that you can trust.

Using high quality materials, meticulous building and safety standards, our extension builders in London are renowned for following customer visions, and creating house extensions that deliver. From bright and modern kitchen extensions, to loft conversions in London that both transform living spaces and add value to properties, our customer dedication across the company is evident in all our work.

All our home extensions in London come with our professional guarantee, and our industry leading standards are designed to give our clients peace of mind that their home d extensions work is in safe hands.

Building an extension on a house in London is what people come to us for.

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Home Extensions | Loft Conversion | Home Refurbishments

House Extensions

House extensions in London come in all sizes and with many budgets. Our expertise in home extensions projects enables us to work with clients, and find the solution that works for them. Completed by the most experienced extension builders in London, our work is guaranteed to satisfy, whatever your style.

Loft Conversion

If you’re looking for a loft conversion in London, let our experts create the space you want, at a cost you will love. With a wide portfolio of projects, we’re the loft conversion company in London that will work with you from design to completion, guaranteeing your vision becomes reality.

Home Refurbishments

House renovation work in London is all about customer style and quality workmanship. For all our home renovation projects in London, we collaborate with customers, finding tailor made solutions for all house renovations, regardless of the size or scale of the job. House renovations that deliver, that’s what we’re about.

Conwise Construction House Extensions London - What makes Our Company Unique ?
Everything what you need to know about our Extension Builders in London

When it comes to house extensions in London, we’ve got the professionals and the portfolio that makes us the right choice, every time.

From stylish, modern kitchen extensions in London’s leafy and historic neighborhoods, to a space transforming loft extension at your trendy London property, we’ll work with you to create the space you need, and the look you want.

Building an extension on a house in London can be stressful, but choosing us will give you peace of mind, and our extension builders will keep you informed at all times, making your vision our priority.

People have used us for large scale home extensions in London, and smaller rear extensions too, but one thing they all have in common is the guarantee that the work will be done to the highest standard possible.

Our house extensions, kitchen extensions, and loft extension projects across London deliver the results that remind people why they chose us, giving you the confidence to let us get building for you, without the need to worry.

Thanks to our professional guarantee, that sets industry standards, building an extension on a house in London is more affordable than ever, making us the right choice for you.


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House Extension London

In our business, we know that house extensions in London are an important choice for all homeowners, and Conwise Construction has a proud tradition of consulting with clients to create project plans that work towards making those plans a reality.

From small scale home extensions in London’s trendy districts, to large and luxurious home extensions in London’s historic and leafy neighbourhoods, our work delivers exactly what the customer needs.

Using quality materials, and observing only the most rigorous safety and building regulations, our extension builders across London often both the value of their experience as well as the guarantee of their efficiency.

House extensions in London vary from being about improved living spaces, to adding a contemporary transformation to an architecturally classic properties, but whatever your vision, we’ll do the work sympathetically and with a high end finish. Let our extension builders in London get your project up and running.

Kitchen Extensions London

With so many older buildings, and properties which were designed for different needs, kitchen extensions in London are both popular and important.

Conwise Construction has been working with customers throughout our history, designing, installing and completing kitchen extensions in London homes, all to the satisfaction of our customers, without exception.

From stylish and large scale kitchen extensions in London’s historic properties and neighbourhoods, to contemporary kitchen extensions in the trendy urban districts that are found across the capital, our range and services are varied.

With our commitment to cost-effective work, using the best materials available, our kitchen extensions are planned and delivered to a high finish, and keeping the customer in the loop at every stage, for every design decision.

Offering an industry leading guarantee, our experienced extension builders in London will help you achieve the style you want, and the look that you deserve, that’s the Conwise Construction way.

Loft extension London

With house prices in London at a premium, many people turn to a loft extension on their London home as a way to get more space without an expensive move. At Conwise Construction, we are here to help you realise you design, and make your loft extension on your London home a reality.

Whether it’s a loft extension to add more room to your family property, or a loft extension to add that extra sale value that could propel you up the property ladder, getting a high quality result is essential. That’s where we come in.

Every loft extension project that we work on is our priority, and our extension builders in London use customer requirements as their ultimate guide.

From conception to completion, our loft extension projects are designed to maximise space, making your house bigger and brighter, at a cost-effective level that you can trust, that’s our guarantee.

Rear Extension London

With London property prices and land costs at a premium, a rear extension at your London home can represent the best way to add to your property footprint, or add value when you want to sell up.

Conwise Construction has experienced extension builders that can help you achieve both the results that you want, at the price that you can afford. We work with each of our customers to discuss design and style, as well as the rear extension options that will work for your property.

Whether it’s a rear extension to provide an open plan kitchen diner, or a living space transforming rear extension to take your London home to the next level in terms of bedrooms, we’ll help you realise what you have envisioned.

Using quality materials, keeping customers involved in all design decisions, that’s how we ensure that your rear extension in London is everything you need.

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House Extensions To Trust

When it comes to house extensions in London, Conwise Construction has the expertise you need. From large scale house extensions, to a rear extension in your London terraced house, we offer a wide range of options for homeowners that are looking to maximise their property and make their space better. 

Your Extension, Our Guarantee

Whether it’s stylish kitchen extensions in London suburbia, or a loft extension designed to add room and value to your property, we have you covered. Using quality materials, and working with time efficient methods, building an extension on a house is what we do best, with industry leading results guaranteed. 

Extensions that Transform

For many homeowners, kitchen extensions in London can transform the heart of their home, and make home extensions that impress friends and family alike. For others, a loft extension in London can make or break their decision to stay or sell, but whatever they decide, we do house extensions right. 

Trusted Building by Trusted Builders

With so many house extensions to do in London, we need our extension builders to be the best. When you work with us, we offer everything from kitchen extensions to rear extensions, we guarantee that our extension builders in London will work with you to deliver the results you deserve.

What Our Clients Say about House Extensions London Works

Conwise Construction just completed a loft extension at my London home. What a result. Efficient, cost-effective, and one of the best house extensions in my street, really pleased with it.
Evie North
We wanted one of those open plan kitchen extensions, in London I didn’t think it was within my price range, but Conwise helped find the right extension for my budget.
Leon Dennis
When we decided to get a loft extension, someone told me about Conwise. Now it’s done, and with all the house extensions companies across London, I’m glad they were available.
Daisy Clark
Needing a rear extension on our London home, for both comfort and value reasons, we turned to Conwise. They were quick, efficient, and always professional, highly recommended for house extensions.
Alexander Lambert
House extensions in London apparently add a decent value to properties, so we got Conwise Construction in to do ours. Excellent team, really top quality finish. Thanks to all involved.
Morgan Walters
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